Conference and hotel registration will be handled through the Society for Modeling and Simulation (SCS) website at :

Exhibitor registration contracts are available at:

Here is how it will work. As many of you know there are two tracks for PPSIM, a fossil track and a nuclear track. The nuclear track is 3 days followed by a nuclear users group meeting. The fossil track has typically been two days followed by a fossil users group meeting. WUTAB has typically been two days followed by the WUTAB business meeting.

Plans for the 2017 conference are to run the nuclear track of PPSIM Monday through Wednesday. Run the fossil track of PPSIM Monday and Tuesday. Run WUTAB Wednesday and Thursday. There will be an ISA/ANSI 77.20 sub-committee meeting Friday morning. USEG users group meeting will be Thursday.

Individual registration for all sessions is $500 for early sign up, starting the third week of November, $600 for regular sign up, starting the middle of December, and $700 for late sign up the final week before the conference. Anyone with a registration for any of the sessions may attend any session.

Exhibitor registration has two levels. Level one is for table top displays and will cost $600 with a single registration. Level two is for a full display boot and will cost $1450 with a single registration. Additional exhibitor registrations will cost $175 each.

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    Click here to download the 2017 PowerPlantSim Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus

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